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I see what you don't see ...

Taking you from overwhelm, overwork, and doubt to ease and flow and certainty.

Become a better leader 

The OwlSeek Method  

OwlSeek is about two things - tuning into your inner wisdom (Owl), and turning outward to find what supports your journey (Seek) with a solution focused science-based approach.

Seven Leadership Principles

  • Letting go of carrying the burdens alone
  • Dropping the ego mask 
  • Having the courage to do big things 
  • Trusting your value and values 
  • Co-creating with others 
  • Feeling and showing up differently
  • Tapping into your inner wisdom 

Get to know yourself better, in the pursuit of something bigger 

The Nest Mastermind 

The Nest - An exclusive small group with intentional and intense focus on YOU. 


Give yourself the gift of a transformational getaway to do YOU. 

Please email [email protected] for corporate retreat information. 

Spiritual Direction 

One-on-one sessions for guidance to answer questions you have on your seeking journey through your inner and outer worlds.


I'm Jill Drader

Spiritual Guide and Professional Coach

My life of personal and professional experiences have gifted me a very unique perspective that feeds my insatiable desire to see others heal, grow, and learn from their lived experiences on their paths ahead. 

As someone who knows the value of self-discovery through spiritual awakening, I've chosen to dedicate my career to teaching, writing and leading others. The OwlSeek Method is something that I have used for many years and am ready to share - from which I speak my truths and connect to those who seek their own.

I discovered a way to merge professional coaching with the traditionally disconnected worlds of business and spirituality and created The OwlSeek Method. It equips you with the skills and tools to overcome obstacles, achieve goals, and inspire others with your newfound leadership insights. 

I offer a mix of personalized coaching, and group retreats teaching proven self-discovery methods to give you a clear sense of self, connect you to your inner consciousness so you can embrace the energy and insight required for true transformation. 


"Jill has been a God-send ... Her passion and drive to help people accomplish their goals and dreams in life and in business is outstanding. I highly recommend her for anyone needing a push in the right direction."

- Crystal McKenzie, Stylist 

"It's happening!! Everything I wrote and envisioned at the retreat is my dream coming to reality - I'm moving to the island 6-months sooner than I thought!"

- Angela, Retreat Participant 

"Not what I expected and everything I needed. Life changing and best thing I did for myself in years"

- Linda, Coaching Client